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Transfer to Us

Whether you foster with an independent fostering agency or your local authority, you still have the option to move to another independent fostering agency, and we are here, ready to talk to you.

If you’re considering transferring fostering agencies but don’t know where to start – don’t worry. As a foster carer, you have the right to freedom of movement between fostering agencies. During the process of transferring, your views alongside those of the child in your care (if applicable) will be taken into full consideration. At Sure Start Fostering we follow The official Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol.

Why Transfer to Sure Start Fostering

We offer a highly personalised support package, professional training and development opportunities. We also arrange specialist training for more complex behaviours, serious disabilities, parent and child and other specialist placements.

In addition to this, we also offer the following to our carers:

  • Support 24 hours a day 365 days a year (including out of hours)
  • Regular support groups
  • Seasonal activities for children
  • Celebrations of special occasions/festivals
  • Budding or Mentoring with Experienced foster carers

The assessment period for transfers is usually shorter than for new applicants. There are some training exemptions, and we can access information and references shared by your previous fostering service. We aim to make your transfer smooth and simple, especially if you have children placed with you.

If you are considering transferring from your fostering agency to Sure Start Fostering, contact us today. To speak informally and in complete confidence to an experienced member of our team call 07878054504. You can also fill out an enquiry form or Email us on

How to Transfer

Changing fostering agencies with child in placement:

Usually, the biggest concern for carers wishing to transfer is how it will affect the child currently in their care. Because of this, we make it our primary goal is to ensure continuity of care for the child in placement as well as aiming to make the transfer process as fast as possible.

Step 1: Written Notice and Meeting

If you’re currently providing care for a child, you need to give written notice to your current fostering agency and the local authority. The child’s Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) will then be informed and will organise a meeting within the next 28 days to discuss your request with the placing authority, the current fostering agency, the new fostering agency and yourself. This meeting will take a wide range of factors into account in order to come to a decision.

Step 2: Resignation from Current Fostering Agency

The new fostering agency will complete their assessment before the fostering panel makes their decision to approve. As the foster carer, you should then submit your letter of resignation to the current fostering agency. This can be given in person or by post (recorded and signed for) and will mean that your approval with your current agency will be terminated 28 days from when the written notice of resignation was received.

Step 3: Approval

The ADM (Agency Decision Maker) will then state approval, which takes place on the same day as when notice with your current service ends.

Changing fostering agencies with no child in placement

Step 1: Written Notice

If you do not have a child in placement, you will be required to give written notice to your current fostering agency informing them of your intent to transfer. You may wish to discuss your intentions with the new fostering agency before you give notice to your current agency, though. The new fostering agency will then conduct an assessment and confirm whether or not they would like to approve you as a foster carer.

Step 2: Resignation from Current Fostering Agency

Once the new service provider has completed their assessment, you will be informed that they want to seek your approval as a foster carer. You should then provide written notice of your resignation to your current fostering agency. This can be given in person or by recorded and signed for post and will result in your approval with the current agency being terminated 28 days after your resignation letter has been received.